1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this procedure is to define the proper use of LiberoAssurance Certification Mark and marks of the accreditation body.


2.0 Scope

This procedure applies to all certified clients of LiberoAssurance.


3.0 Responsibility

The Quality manager is responsible for developing and amending the certification marks.


4.0 Description of Activity

LA certification Logo(s) shall be provided to clients whose management systems have been certified by our certification body.


4.1 Colour and font

The preferred colour of the mark, as per annex 1, must be used on a light background or be white on a dark background. Alternatively, the mark may be printed or displayed in a single colour, which is the predominant ink colour used on the product, or the permanently fixed label/plate, or the document/pre-printed letterhead.


4.2 Clear space

An area of clear space must be maintained around the Certification Mark to protect the integrity of the mark.


4.3 Size

The size of the mark should be to a scale of around 22mm. The size of the mark should normally be no less than 12mm.


4.4 Misuse

Unauthorized use and/or misuse of LiberoAssurance Certification Marks is not permitted.

LiberoAssurance client shall not use the certificate and/or the Certification Logo(s) provided by LiberoAssurance in such a manner that may bring Certification Body, and/or the Accreditation Body and/or the certification system into disrepute and loss of public trust.

The client shall not use the Certification Mark or the Accreditation Mark on test reports or certificates of compliance such as calibration certificates or certificates of analysis.

Under no conditions shall the logo be affixed to a product or used in any way that might suggest product certification. The logo applies only to System Certification.

The right to use the certification logo by the certified client cannot be transferred to any other person, entity, or corporation (including through a change of ownership of the Organization) without LA’s prior written approval.

After expiration, suspension and withdrawal of any LA certificate, the client should discontinue using the LA Mark for any promotional or other use.




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